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To cherish a desire with anticipation. To believe that it is not only possible, but feasible to realize one’s dreams. To trust that events will turn out for the best. 


We nurture Hope in our students and families in order to empower them to dream big, challenge themselves, and develop the tenacity and grit to continue to pursue their aspirations, even in the face of hardship and other setbacks.


A helpful act on behalf of another. The willingness to think first about the needs of others, consider how to meet those needs, and then take action! 


We cultivate a heart and spirit of Service as a core element to every Lapan program in order to develop our capacity for awareness, compassion and generosity, to feel we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and to know that special feeling of gratitude from another. This spirit of Service grows with our students through their seasons of academia, so that they may ultimately give back to their communities.


Doing the right thing, even when it is hard and no one is looking. Being trustworthy, honest, reliable, accountable and transparent. Carrying our fair share of the load.

We model Integrity through our own behavior, and acknowledge and applaud it in our students, so that they may learn what it means to move through the world as their best selves.


Treating others as whole human beings, worthy of consideration, kindness and empathy. Assuming the best in everyone. Treating others as you might want to be treated.


We work to exemplify basic behaviors of Dignity and Respect in our interactions with each other and the community. We aim to consider the needs of all our staff, students and other stakeholders in the planning of events and programs. We work to ensure the safety of all those around us, including sensitivity to cultural and other differences. 


Being steadfast in an effort to surpass ordinary standards.


We hold ourselves and those around us to high standards in all we do, in order to do our best work for our students, the organization and ourselves. We are diligent in our planning and assessment of our programming and events. We are not afraid of new challenges, and are willing to grow, adapt and innovate to better ourselves and the organization. 


Deep bonds formed over time, through consistent, meaningful interaction, continuity and mentorship.


We believe high-quality Relationships are at the heart of our success, whether with students and their families, partners, donors or volunteers. We prioritize mentorship in order to nurture individuals and the community, so that we can be attuned to the needs of our students, and a consistent, reliable, supportive force for them throughout their middle school and high school years, into college, their careers and beyond. We welcome all those who come within our walls!

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